I’m an Assistant Professor in Political Science/Public Policy at Washington & Jefferson College.

I received my Ph.D. in Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought from Virginia Tech in May 2019. I was honored to be selected as the 2017-18 Outstanding Doctoral Student in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences as well as a 2018 inductee into the prestigious Edward A. Bouchet Graduate Honor Society.

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I graduated with her master’s in Public Service from Marquette University and my bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Outside of my academic degrees, I am also an alumna of several training and leadership programs such as Future Milwaukee Leadership Program, Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab, Unlearning Racism, and the Tufts Summer Institute of Civic Studies.

My scholarly pursuits and academic writing reflect a desire to cultivate real-world change from theoretical thinking. My interdisciplinary dissertation committee at Virginia Tech was comprised of David Brunsma, Sociology (Chair); Mauro Caraccioli, Political Science and ASPECT; Kwame Harrison, Sociology and Africana Studies; and Michael Moehler, Philosophy and ASPECT. My central research question explored whether U.S. democracy, particularly at the federal government level, is adequate to the task of racial justice and I employed archival analysis of President Johnson’s Kerner Commission to examine the so-called “race riots” in the summer of 1967.

Consistent with my dual background in the arts and the public sector, I have published numerous scholarly chapters in edited collections and peer-reviewed academic journals as well as peer-reviewed creative writing. A full list is available on my CV.

Prior to starting my doctoral program, I worked for more than ten years as a freelance theater director and writer, and as a nonprofit professional. I have worked in issue advocacy for many organizations, including ones focused on electoral reform advocacy, anti-hunger advocacy, anti-racism and social justice teen programming, teen workforce development, civic engagement, and family welfare. I am driven by an unrelenting passion to cultivate a more just, compassionate, and intelligent world.

My favorite hobbies are attending theater, watching movies, hiking, travel, writing, playing with animals, getting lost in museums, and trying to get Scrabble on the triple word score.